A Day At The Maasai Village | A Fashionable Moment

Wile visiting Southern Kenya I spent the day in a Maasai village near my camp. I literally felt like I was walking into National Geographic. The people were so warm and humble, bowing their heads to be touched was a sign of welcome and respect. I was with my guide, Latura, who is Maasai but lives in a different village. They do the best job of accidental color-blocking I’ve ever seen. The reds, blacks and assortment of colored beads – they were all stunning. Since I knew there was no way I could compete, I kept it muted. I wore white linen pants by Kenyan designer Ondu, a stone colored cotton turtleneck by Damir Doma and brown suede boots by Bottega Veneta. The sunglasses are by Italian brand, Super, and were provided by Ilori eyewear boutique in Soho – New York City.