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A Facial To Cure Your Fashion Week Jet Lag | Biologique Recherche

There’s nothing worse than being in Paris for fashion week, having just flown-in from another locale, and look like you’ve been working for three weeks straight with no sleep. Traveling can take a toll on your heath and your skin – causing dehydration, discoloration, sagging and more unneeded stress. But, there’s a cure.

Just off the Champs-Elysées, through a quiet courtyard, a glass door opens into a clean, white and perfumed space where skincare reigns supreme. A company and product line that has been respected for years, Biologique Recherche is an institution. It’s the only place to consider when frantically trying to rescue your skin and bring it back from the brink of no return.

The 90-minute facial begins with a skin assessment and selection of products from the brand’s incredible line. The aesthetician takes her seat and exposes your face, neck and chest – no area is forgotten. Throughout the 90 minutes, a series of massages, pinching, tweaking and meshing transforms your skin into a glowing masterpiece you’d never dare taint with makeup. Liquids drain and your skin magically firms and lifts – literally. There is no faking that.

The entire experience is blissful and the result incredible. After just one treatment, not only did I feel better but my skin continued to improve over the coming days. I was fresh-faced and ready to take on the shows. If you’re in Paris, or New York, don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your look and give your skin the attention it deserves. There’s simply no place like Biologique Recherche.