A Fashion Moment With Etnia Barcelona On The Island Of Antigua

A brand founded from passion by the legendary Fulgencio Ramo in Barcelona, Spain – Etnia Barcelona is a modern-day eyewear company rooted in tradition, but with a strong vision of the future. The head of the company, Mr. Ramo’s grandson, David Pellicer, wanted the world to see his grandfather’s passion by introducing them to what would become Etnia Barcelona.

The company has become one of the hottest and most in-demand eyewear brands in Europe and throughout other parts of the world. Their frames, both in optical and sun varieties, seem to fit every face and take daring fashion risks in color, texture and shape. I wore a pair of their beautiful “Mission District” sunglasses in black, recently, on the island of Antigua. Not only were they oh so cool, in my opinion, but they were lightweight, scratch-free and blocked the sun beautifully. In fact, their lenses are known throughout the industry as being the best in their protection, as well as their vision for those who wear them.

Etnia Barcelona collaborates with artists worldwide for limited edition varieties as well – some so beautiful you almost feel badly wearing them. I can’t wait to see what’s next in seasons to come.