A Fashionable Moment In Teide National Park On Tenerife

Witnessing the magnitude and sheer beauty of Teide National Park on Tenerife is a life altering experience. Feeling so close to nature is easy by opening your eyes, ears and nose to what’s around you. The volcano is a center point where all life expands down the cascading hills and over the rock formations. Some of the world’s oldest and most rare vegetation is here – and it’s a privledge to witness it firsthand. On a recent trip to Tenerife, I visited Teide. As I walked through the desert-like terrain I was reminded of how small I am in the grand scheme of the world. I strolled around in a pair of Balenciaga jeans, a white and black silk tee by Ann Demeulemeester and my favorite boots by Italian shoemaker, Marsell. I will never forget my time on this gorgeous island.