A Fashionable Moment With Activewear Brand Isaora On Pender Island

New York-based Isaora is an activewear brand that specializes in the most incredible fusion of fashion and truly intelligent construction. Their high-tech clothing is not only beautifully made, but delves deep into the subconscious of its wearers. How will this piece feel against the body? What will happen to the fabric if it gets wet from sweat? Is it breathable? Co-founders Marc Daniels and Ricky Hendry have their eye on the future and scour the world for the best materials possible to offer an unparalleled product in the marketplace.

Recently, while on a day trip to Pender Island in British Columbia, I donned some of the pieces to aid in my comfort for the day but also to adjust to the fluctuating heating and cooling of my environment. That day saw high sun, wind, a little rain and varied micro-climates across the island. The Isaora items adapted perfectly to each climate, performing well-enough to keep me in a state of extreme happiness. Not only did I look, dare I say, good, but I felt even better.