A Handmade Grecian Event Invitation Doused In Details |The Work Of Artist Julie Rizzi

Artist Julie Rizzi, a resident of Ohio, has created a strong presence online through her Etsy store as well as through a strong reputation surrounding her extraordinary work. Known for her fantastical event invitations, Julie uses both her imagination and interaction with clients to develop, from scratch, personal and beautiful pieces of art which serve as the first point of contact between a party thrower and their guest. Being based in New York, it couldn’t have been easier to work with Julie, despite her location in another state.

For a recent event we hosted in Athens, Greece, we knew Julie was the best choice when developing the invitation for our list of over 20 guests. After several lengthy and productive conversations, Julie was on-board and her wheels began turning around the event’s theme, “Inspiration in Greece”. The purpose of the event was to introduce a special group of people to the wonders held in the city of Athens and beyond – all in an effort to urge the guests to get re-inspired in their own life and reflect on the magical world of ancient Greece, one of the most important and revolutionary ancient civilizations known to man.

In a three to four step process, which included multiple emails and phone calls, Julie and Inspired Citizen settled on a design for the invitation. Colors like blue, white, purple and silver were used to reference the sky and the constellations – scientific discoveries put on the map by ancient Grecians. Julie created a custom backdrop watercolor print which stood as the focal point of the invitation. She used a “V” at various points, which symbolized Aries – the sign of the date the event was taking place, March 26th.

The watercolor was used for both the lining of silver envelopes as well as for the back of the letter invitation which was folded neatly inside. The front of the letter invites were printed neatly with black ink and the outside of the envelopes were hand-written in black calligraphy. Small nods to Greece, like laurel leaves and certain shapes cleverly referenced the destination. Julie did the sum of the work by hand and did not stop until each invitation was perfect.

It’s rare to find someone who knows how to execute this level of beauty and elegance in an artistic way. When you do, you are happy for knowing you’ve met someone who is truly special. Julie is one of these people. We believe, without her help, our event in Greece just wouldn’t have been the same. For, her stunning work set the tone for the entire trip.