A Mexican Night Of Fashion To Remember With Carolina Herrera | The Press Conference

Fashion legend Carolina Herrera is one-of-a-kind. The New York icon, by way of Venezuela, has stood for elegance, grace and dignity in fashion for more than 30 years. Mr. Herrera was recently invited to reach back to her Latin roots and make her first ever grand entrance – publicly – in Latin America. And, of course, since Mexico City is the fashion capital of the region, it was quite fitting to be the location of the designer’s first runway show in Latin America.

The multi-day extravaganza began with a press conference at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel in Mexico City. The event was held early in the morning and was attended by press from throughout the world, including writers for Vogue, WWD, Cosmopolitan Mexico and more. Ms. Herrera entered the room with her entourage and sat in front of the audience to speak about her connection to Mexico, the importance of the region for her business and excitement to be showing her work.

The press conference was beautiful, well-organized and Ms. Herrera looked, as per the usual, flawless. Here are a few photos from the morning.