A Morning In The Marina | A Menswear Moment In Herzliya

One area that is well known in the upscale suburb of Tel Aviv, Herzliya, is the sparkling marina. Here you can see yachts and boats parked in the glistening blue Mediterranean waters. Well, I love boats and I love water. I decided to spend a recent morning exploring the area – to see what the shops, cafes and malls had to offer.

I was struck by the serenity of the marina and the idea that boats carry us from one location to another through the water. I also thought of the fact that life is constantly presenting opportunities which, like boats, sail on with or without us. We can’t expect them to stop and wait. But, we need to take advantage of all that presents to us if we want to push ahead and meet our goals.

I was dressed in a local Israeli designer, one of my favorites, the Muslin Brothers. Their cool aesthetic is just right in my eyes and speaks to Tel Aviv’s booming design culture. I wore an oversized cotton patterned tee and paired it with a pair of skinny patterned trousers. The clashing patterns complemented each other, surprisingly, and added an element of excitement to the simple silhouettes.