A Not So Sheepish Moment | Confidance In The Irish Countryside

The famously green Irish countryside is astounding. Even though it stretches on for miles and shows up around every bend in the road, you can’t help but be inspired and amazed at its beauty. Meadow after meadow, sheep graze on the rich grasses that grow strong out of the ground from the consistent tending to by rain showers and sunshine. Seeing the sheep and walking into the field to get a closer look at them, they are at first afraid of your presence. But, after a while, they grow confident, curious and even trusting. Their behavior is a metaphor in life, as I see it, to not be afraid and to stand confident in what you’re doing. If you run at every hint of risk or the unknown, you could self-sabotage and miss out on something truly worthwhile.

Here I am wearing a hand-knit, Irish wool sweater from House of Ireland, Rag and Bone denim and eyewear by Italian brand, Super, provided by Ilori eyewear boutique in manhattan.