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A Relaxing Morning On The Terrace At The Ritz Carlton Herzliya | Staying Fashion-Forward With The Muslin Brothers

Tel Aviv is a city where things are rapidly changing, especially in the fashion scene. One brand  moving the dial is the forward-thinking label, the Muslin Brothers. The designers use incredible silhouettes that accentuate certain parts of the body, while letting their pieces remain oversized and modern in other areas.

It was a beautiful morning in the beachside community just north of Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and I had the privilege of waking-up to a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the marina just in front of my hotel. I stayed at the Ritz Carlton and finished dressing after breakfast, in an effort to meet a friend for tea. I took a few pictures on my room’s terrace with the magical views in front of me. I wore a look, completely styled by the Muslin Brothers. The silk-pattered blue pants complemented my unique white oxford which had an interesting twist – varying colors of paint speckles, throughout. It was the perfect choice for the weather, which was in the high 60s. This was definitely a morning to remember.