A Seasonal Transition With Majesty Black Accessories In New York City

One of my favorite accessory brands, loved by stylists, celebrities and fashion-forward fans from around the globe, is Majesty Black. Founded by Joshua Reno in San Francisco, the brand offers bespoke and custom pieces for the hands, face, head, shoulders and fingers. The leather and metal combinations capture a mood, imbuing a confidence and fierceness amongst their wearers. For me, of all the fantastic and beautifully made options, I gravitated towards the gun metal armor gloves.

These small works of art are handmade and have traveled the world with me from various fashion weeks and side trips, to being a mainstay in my own backyard of New York City. As the seasons change from spring to summer, I took advantage of a grey and blustery day to venture from the street to a rooftop in the West Village. The view over New York was truly magical.

Earlier that day, I had attended a fashion presentation in Soho. I wore a pair of black pants by Givenchy, a black oxford shirt and overcoat by Australian brand, The Only Son, and, of course, my Majesty Black gloves. It was truly a memorable moment.