The Top Business Class Airline To Ireland |Aer Lingus

Aerl Lingus Business Class - 1

Aer Lingus’ new business class is the best option from the United States to Ireland, and one of our personal favorites in the sky. I flew the airline recently between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Dublin, to spend about 10 days in one of my favorite places in the world, Ireland. I had heard about the airline’s investment in new seats, a new look and a revamped food and entertainment offering – so I had to see what the experience was like from point A to point B.

Aerl Lingus Business Class - 3

First off, Irish people are the friendliest on the planet – so you can imagine what it’s like being greeted on-board with bright smiles and a helping hand in storing your baggage and hanging your coat. I scanned the cabin and saw how elegantly it was designed, the use of Irish green and silver clover accents that made for a modern look that still referenced the airline’s heritage and tie to it’s home country.

I settled-in to my seat, which when put in the lie-flat mode, stretches to a whopping 6.5 feet. The width is 22 inches, so you have enough room to move around and switch sleeping positions while trying to rest on your short Transatlantic journey. Of course I was able to charge my phone with both a traditional plug as well as a USB port, which made making sure my devices were booted-up and ready to go upon landing, a breeze.

I was offered a glass of champagne and water before take-off, and, as the plane filled-up with passengers, was consistently offered refills to be sure I was content.

Aerl Lingus Business Class - 2

Meal service began immediately. I turned-on the large entertainment display and found an incredible array of offerings from new releases, to old classics to choose from. Many airlines don’t offer entertainment options this varied, so I was pleased that Aer Lingus Did.

What I love about the meal service in business class on Aer Lingus is that it is prompt, elegant and they source a good deal of ingredients from Ireland. Everything is fresh and delicious. You might enjoy a starter of Burren smokehouse salmon with dill or a Toons Bridge Mozzarella salad with tomato and pesto. Main courses could be anything from Irish beef to a filet of salmon from one of Ireland’s pristine rivers. Desserts are usually homey and simple, and very satisfying. I enjoyed an apple pie.

The beverage selection on-board is excellent. You’ll be able to choose from an array of wines from various European producers, or sip Irish whiskey. I had Bailey’s over ice with my dessert – which I loved. As I drifted-off above the clouds, I felt completely comfortable and was woken-up just 30-minutes before landing by the captain’s announcement. The in-flight crew on Aer Lingus didn’t wake me, as I made it known that I preferred sleep over breakfast. But, they still hurried breakfast to me before we touched ground.

The combination of service, friendliness, amenities and space, along with a usually affordable price, makes Aer lingus’ business class one of my favorites. For anyone traveling from the U.S. to Ireland (direct to Dublin from cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago), you won’t find a better experience.