Allegiant Air Introduces New Affordable Routes From The New York Area

Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Air, the low-cost, family-friendly carrier that flies to and from popular vacation-focused cities across the United States, has introduced new flights from the New York Area (Newark to be exact) to Savannah, Georgia, Cincinnati, Ohio, Asheville, North Carolina, Knoxville, Tennessee and Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

The airline, known for offering incredibly low-cost and affordable airfare, began flying the routes out of Newark to provide more options to underserved cities – making getting to these popular vacation spots easy and cost-effective. I flew the route from Newark to Savannah recently and was genuinely impressed with Allegiant’s service. Our flight boarded on-time, and the quick hour and 23-minute flight went by in a breeze with friendly service, comfortable planes and more-than-expected leg room. On-board amenities are basic, but Allegiant believes these extras are unnecessary and keeps themselves from passing costs on to the customer – resulting in low fares.

Allegiant’s new routes from the New York area are all flights with durations under two hours. It makes sense to save money by purchasing your ticket through them, at a low cost (especially in advance), and use the majority of your budget when you land in your final destination. That’s what I did. With friendly staff and these incredible fares, I would fly Allegiant Air over and over again.