A Farm In The Clouds | Staying At Tenerife’s Finca Alma De Trevejos

Finca Alma de Trevejos is a family-owned and operated farm high-up in the clouds of central Tenerife. Begun years ago as an organic produce operation by the patriarch of the family, today the farm offers visitors an experience unlike any other on the island. Antonio Molina is the impresario here as he is the cook, the caretaker and the handyman who ensures the well-being of Alma’s guests and animals.

Visitors to the farm have many options when stopping-in. For $180 per night, the three bedroom home can be rented as your own intimate and private hotel. On site, there is a pool, living space, outdoor kitchen, dining room and acres of land to explore. It’s quiet on the farm, an easy 30-minute drive into the nearest major city. But, it’s worth the drive. Antonio and his wife will organize your stay and cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, including Canarian pork, for you and your guests.

Spending the day poolside in summer is ideal, or playing with the Vietnamese piglets that live on-site can be fun too. If you’re a family, group of friends or just want a place to get away and soak-in true Canarian culture and food – Alma de Trevejos can’t be beat.