An Elegant And Grand Place To Stay In Rio | The Copacabana Palace Hotel

There are many luxury hotel options in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But the grand dame among all of them is the Copacabana Palace Hotel on Copacabana beach. Sitting just across from the creamy sand directly in-front of the azure blue waters, the imposing white building, which was built in 1923, serves as an icon for the city. Its status as iconic is is not disputed as it has played host to celebrities, royalty and nobility from around the globe since it opened.

Today, the hotel is elegant and formal, yet never “stuffy” – this is Rio after all. By day you can lounge beachside in the well-attended beach chairs, sipping on cocktails and snacking on fresh food. By night, you can cozy-up at the piano bar or the Italian import, Cipriani Restaurant. The crowd at the hotel ranges from young to old – but they mostly have one thing in common. They have money. Staying here isn’t cheap but it’s worth every dollar. A stay to remember is what you’ll have and you’ll want nothing but to return, time after time.