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New York’s Hidden Gem Florist | Angelica Flowers And Events


Angelica Flowers and Events, a beautiful flower shop run by Angelica Gomes and her wife, Rebecca, is New York’s top hidden gem florist. Designing with an eye for effortless elegance and from the heart, Angelica churns-out some of the most unique and beautiful arrangements for any space – in your home, office or even for an event.


We spoke with Angelica recently about her store, her inspiration and her arrangements.


IC: Where do you start when designing your arrangements?

AG: We start with a cylindrical glass vase as our canvas. All of our arrangements are custom made based on the customers’ budget and color preferences. We skillfully cut and arrange the flowers in a compact, clean, elegant style that displays the beauty and uniqueness of each type of flower. We use no fillers or greenery; only the best cut flowers available on the market. We purchase the majority of our flowers from Holland, the flower capital of the world. The florists of Holland have spent centuries perfecting the beauty and sustainability of a wide variety of flowers and Angelica Flowers and Events is honored and eager to offer this incredible product to as many as possible. The gift of a well done, high quality arrangement can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. We post regularly to our Instagram, @angelicaflwrs, and on Facebook Angelica Flowers and Events, NYC.

IC: When did you start your store?

AG: After years of working for other people, I realized I could start a business that was equally successful or more successful. So after a decade of saving money, on February 14, 2000, I opened the front doors of Angelica Flowers and Events in the West Village, and I haven’t stopped since.

IC: How do you make your flowers last so long?

AF: We purchase only high quality flowers every 2 days from Holland. Our flowers last because they are always super fresh. The answer for making flowers last is very simple – add water, cut the stems properly and keep them in cool temperatures. The higher quality flower you buy, the longer they will last. Deli flowers are so cheap because they purchase the lowest quality flower. As you can tell, the shelf life of a deli flower is short and that is because it’s the lowest quality flower that the grower sells to make an extra profit.