Antigua’s Best Brunch Spot

Catherine’s Café Plage, near Freeman’s Bay, is legendary on the island of Antigua. An elegant beachfront restaurant dressed in white, blues and greens – both well-heeled visitors and locals come here during the week and on weekends to soak-in views of the Caribbean and food that has a reputation of being the best on the island.

Catherine’s offers diners live music, strong cocktails and expertly crafted cuisine with an emphasis on French-Caribbean flavors. Homemade bread is served to start and a menu overrun with delicious seafood specialties is presented. The fish here is the best, never overthought and prepared in a minimalistic, flavor-packed way. I personally love the tuna tartar and “Catherine’s vegetable garden”.

Catherine’s also offers a boutique on the grounds, perfect to pick-up something from a well-curated selection of island-inspired fashion and décor. If you’re in Antigua and yearn for a perfect afternoon brunch, choose Catherine’s. You’ll want to visit again and again.