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The Ultimate New York Apartment | Arianna Belle Pillows

Livingroom - 1s

In the world of luxury throw pillows, Arianna Belle is queen. A custom and tailored approach to creating unique pillows for your living space, bedroom or office – these pillows and their creator are unique, luxurious and filled with life. Based in California, Arianna Belle runs an operation that essentially allows customers to choose from a wide range of fantastic fabrics to create individualized pieces for their home, or choose from a selection of pre-designed pillows that are ready to ship immediately.

Arianna Belle Pillows - 1S

When designing the Ultimate New York Apartment, we turned to Arianna to help us create four pillows for a central living room that would accent the space, and add a pop of vibrance and color. She and her team worked with us to select fabric that would work for us and punctuate a very neutral space. We were leaning towards patterned options with notes of green and blue – but also had breathing space within the design as not to overwhelm the space.

Arianna Belle Pillows - 2S

One of the pillows chosen is a 100% white cotton with green touches throughout. The pillow is called Les Touches Green – and looks incredible in the room. Two pillows chosen are white and navy blue, called Java Java Navy. The composition is 55% linen and 45% cotton – a beautiful combination that goes very well with the linen sofa from Interior Define on which they sit.

Arianna Belle Pillows - 4S

When you choose a pillow from Arianna Belle, whether it’s from her “regular” or “limited” collections, each piece is made for you. It takes roughly two to four weeks to make the piece, but can sometimes happen faster. Each pillow is handmade in California in Arianna’s studio and it’s obvious that only the best fabrics and even inserts are used.

Arianna Belle Pillows - 3S

One of my favorite pieces we chose is a white pillow with an Indian-inspired motif printed on it. The pillow is called Raja Embroidery Sky and it’s mostly composed of linen (first picture above). The print is so beautiful and adds something uncommon to the room. Each one of these pillows harmonizes to create a zen feeling in the living room.

Working with the Arianna Belle team is easy and efficient. There are countless options on her website and, what we love, is due to the uniqueness of each piece, you won’t see the same pillow at every one of your friends’ homes – which is a common issue for those who buy from larger corporations. In terms of design, price and quality, it’s hard to exceed the standard set by Arianna.

Arianna Belle Pillows - 5S