Partners In Crime | An Intoxicating Fragrance Duo By Arquiste


Arquiste, a fragrance collection by the talented Carlos Huber, is a stunning mix of scents and stories that captures its audience through first whiff. Creating a series of fragrances that align with particular destinations and stories behind their creation, Mr. Huber has taken a different approach to perfume making. There is a three-dimensional feel and layers upon layers to uncover here. Because, when you learn about the brand and the art of creation behind it, you realize you’re not simply wearing a scent – but an entire moment in time.

We sat down with Mr. Huber to ask him a few questions in relation to his brand, and two of our favorite scents for 2018 – Anima Dulcis and L’Etrog.

IC: What were your main inspirations behind Anima Dulcis and L’Etrog?

CH: My main inspiration behind every Arquiste scent is to transport you to a inspiring time and place. Anima Dulcis takes you, by way of its notes, to a convent kitchen in 17th century Mexico City, where nuns prepared Baroque recipes of hot chocolate with ingredients like smoked peppers, jasmine, and oriental spices. It’s a sophisticated scent for both men and women that instantly warms up your blood and tickles your nose. L’Etrog transports you Medieval Calabria, Italy, to a warm night in early October, in citron and lemon grove, inside a cabin built of tree branches and palm fronds, where farmers would spend the night with the harvested citron fruit…eat dates, drink wine and sleep under the starry sky surrounded by the bright citrus scent. It’s fresh, crips but also woody. It’s a long lasting citrus unisex scent that is elegant and evocative. 

IC: Which scent ingredient do you enjoy working with most?

CH: I love working with ambers, as well as orange blossom. 

IC: What scents are you currently working-on or developing?

CH: This September we will launch a scent that smells like skin after a day at the beach, a swim in the ocean…an immediate pleasure transporting you to the beach. Always my favorite place. 

IC: Who is the Arquiste wearer? What embodies their spirit?

CH: Someone that loves traveling, interested in discovering the world and different cultures and appreciates an intelligent approach to luxury and quality. 

IC: Which Arquiste scent or scents do you wear the most?

CH: The Architects Club….it’s my go to, for every occasion. And it never fails to get compliments. Always the winner on my skin.

IC: Are there certain skin types or personalities that work better with fragrance families, i.e. citrus vs. leather?

CH: People say that darker skin types tend to pull of sweeter or floral scents better, since they balance it well. I think fair-skinned people smell amazing with dark, leathery, smoky notes. But this is not total rule, since your own nutrition, lifestyle, etc. will likely influence even more than your skin type. This is why I like working with ambers, citrus notes, and orange blossom. These tend to smell amazing on everyone!