Arriving In Monaco In Style With Heli Air Monaco

Getting to Monaco from Nice’s Côte d’Azur Airport is easy – but it’s easy and fabulous with Heli Air Monaco. Driving between Nice and the beautiful principality of Monaco takes roughly an hour but, with Heli Air Monaco, you can get there in just six minutes. The service not only takes the hassle out of driving, but adds a little bit of a James Bond moment to your arrival.

Landing in Nice and clearing customs is easy. As a passenger of Heli Air Monaco you can easily walk a few feet from the baggage area to a small desk with the service’s branded logo and agents waiting to take your details. They collect your luggage and check-you-in for your connection, swiftly. Security is located next to the desk where you’re led through without problem, and taken to a waiting Mercedes mini-bus.

Flying with Heli Air Monaco means you could be with other passengers or, if you’re lucky, get the entire ride to yourself. After a five minute ride to Nice Airport’s heliport, you’re greeted by a line of helicopters. Mine was red and white and I was immediately told to wait while my bags were loaded-on. Within two minutes I was in my seat and taking-off over the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea. For six minutes I watched the sea and took-in the breathtaking views of the nearby coast, only to land smoothly in Monaco mere minutes later. I was then whisked away and dropped-off at my hotel by the waiting transport. It couldn’t have been easier.

Flying Heli Air Monaco is the only way to get to Monaco when you’re serious about arriving in style. It’s worth the average price of $150. The service can also fly you from Monaco to St. Tropez, Cannes or other villages along the French coastline. It’s truly an experience to remember.