Augustiner Breau | Delicious And Traditional Bavarian Cuisine In The Heart Of Berlin

Augustiner Breau is a restaurant and brewery in the center of Berlin whose reputation is based on their delicious and traditional Bavarian food as well as their handcrafted beer. Berlin is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. So, it’s not likely you’ll run in to delicacies that the international set typically think of when they think of German Food. But, at¬†Augustiner Breau, you will meet the heartiest and tastiest German food in Northern Europe.

I dined at the establishment, which sprouted from the original Munich brewery opened in 1328. Inside, the wide oak flooring, wooden tables lit with single white candlesticks and huge pints of beer make for the perfect ambiance to send your mind clear into the German Alps for the evening. I sat at the table, breathing deep in an effort to prepare myself for large portions and many courses ahead. Course after course I indulged in homemade soft pretzels, potato and vegetable soup with marjoram and wiener sausages, Bavarian sausages with mashed potato and sauerkraut and a famous Augustiner beer. For dessert I ordered their incomparable warm apple strudel. By the time the strudel came, I was waving a white flag back and forth in an effort to surrender to the kitchen. I couldn’t eat one more bite, but I did.

I would recommend Augustiner Breau for those who want to experience an evening in Bavaria. My advice is to skip lunch though, otherwise you might not make it through dinner.