Warsaw’s Most Elegant And Charming Hotel

Autor Rooms Warsaw, Poland - 5

Autor Rooms, a hotel “experiment” led by a collective of artists and designers, is my absolute favorite hotel in the city. A hidden gem like none other, this hotel has emerged from a special and well-crafted idea that guests yearn to feel surrounded by luxury, yet still be comfortable. Located in the center of the city, in a renovated pre-war building – a rarity for Warsaw – you won’t find a more perfect spot to base yourself while exploring this vibrant capital. In fact, the design-forward space sits right next to the Faculty of Architecture of Warsaw University of Technology – which is very fitting.

Autor Rooms Warsaw, Poland - 3

I stayed at this hotel for three nights and was impressed immediately. The co-owners of the hotel have made every effort to source Polish materials, objects and furniture from varying historical periods to decorate the hotel. This is no easy task seeing that Poland’s history was largely compromised and wiped-away during communist times. Everything from the dining room table to the tiles used in the kitchen has a story and, if you ask, you’ll hear it.

Autor Rooms Warsaw, Poland - 2

With only 4 rooms, this hotel is very personalized and intimate. The rooms are comfortable, well designed and large. You can easily spend the day here without leaving, feeling most at home with the hotel’s “help yourself” bar, coffee and tea area. In the morning, between 7:00 am and 11:00 am, you will eat breakfast as served by one of the hotel’s co-owners. Breakfast is very Polish in style, featuring eggs, cheese, bread, vegetables and porridge. The ingredients are purchased from local markets in the morning and assembled in the kitchen before being delivered to your table. It is a very simple and pleasant experience.

Autor Rooms Warsaw, Poland - 4

Autor Rooms is not a hotel that one would choose who is looking to be waited-on hand and foot – as this is not their mission. It’s for those who want a real slice of Poland in an evolving capital.

Autor Rooms Warsaw, Poland - 1

The hotel is for those who like to feel autonomous and connected to the local energy – yet have a beautiful space to retire to after hoofing your way around Warsaw during the day. I recommend this hotel for anyone who wants a special and memorable experience. There’s simply nothing else like it in the city.