The Only Airline To Choose To The Azores | Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines is the only commercial carrier that will fly you non-stop from the United States to the Azores islands. Offering direct flights from Boston and from the Canadian city of Toronto, travelers interested in exploring these incredible islands can get there quickly and efficiently with this carrier.

Offering flights from Boston to the capital of São Miguel, the island of Terceira and even directly to Lisbon, Portugal on certain days, travelers have many easy points of connection within the archipelago, as well as to mainland Portugal. When I traveled with Azores Airlines, I flew from Boston to Lisbon – spending two nights in this glorious capital before making the one-and-a-half hour flight with the airline back to São Miguel to visit the Azores.

Flights to and from São Miguel are quick from Boston – an easy four-and-a-half hours there, and five hours on the return. It’s actually quicker than flying to Los Angeles. Service on Azores Airlines is good, comfortable and reliable. Their food options are well-curated and wine, Portuguese. It wouldn’t be a product you’d choose for the ultimate in luxury service – but for efficiency – as it is a direct flight from the United States.

I would recommend exploring Azores Airlines if you plan to travel to the Azores, and don’t forget about their stop-over program which allows you flight to Europe with a free stop in the Azores islands to explore that destination. Two for the price of one.