An Artisan Fragrance That Will Send You Into A Meditative Trance

Killian Perfume

Bamboo Harmony, a masterpiece fragrance designed by Hennessy cognac heir Kilian Hennessy, is a scent that has the power to both enliven you and send you into a calm, meditative state – all at the same time. Exuding notes of fruity-green, mimosa and white tea, you immediately enter another world after spritzing it on your body. I recently tried the fragrance as I am a huge fan of citrus in my scents, but, at the same time, gravitate towards offerings that also have personality and depth. I fell in love with Bamboo Harmony for two reasons: 1. The moss and sweet hay dry down which kept the scent masculine, and, 2. The way the fragrance wore on my skin and lasted nearly the entire day.

I wore the fragrance for hours, spraying it on my forearms, neck and chest at 9:00 am, yet it still remained at 3:00 pm – despite running around town during a very busy afternoon. Bigarade, neroli and bergamot are very strong – which I love. You don’t need much to make a statement as the fragrance is elegant and makes an impact. Housed in a beautiful black bottle with black lacquer accents, you will be hard pressed to not display your Kilian scent in the most visible place possible around your home.