Baring It All To The World | Taking Risks At Ireland’s Ashford Castle

We all come to a point where we have to take a risk in life. We try to be sure those risks are calculated, but we still have to take them. Sitting on the sidelines and playing it safe won’t get you anywhere…that’s for sure. At times, you just have to open yourself up and allow the universe to do it’s thing.

I took a risk, literally, at Ashford Castle in Ireland recently. Wearing a metal skeleton body corset and a pair of leggings could have ended-up looking really bad. I’ve never been one to think that my body was perfect, but I guess sometimes the imperfections are what give you character and personality. So, I went for it. I wore a metal corset by Sweden-based Bedazzled Jewelry, cashmere leggings by Alexandre Plokhov and leather boots by Ann Demeulemeester. The backdrop of Ashford Castle has been there since the 1200s. The clothes are new. The risk didn’t turn out to be that bad after all because it was, above all else, a lot of fun.