Best In Beauty/Grooming | SKII And The Revolutionary Skincare Products Perfect For The Jet-Setting Gentleman

Pitera. This is a new word that every gentleman should add to his vocabulary. Why? Because you will soon realize that it is so much more than a word. It has the potential to be your new best friend. Pitera is an isolated ingredient found in the process of Japanese sake brewing. And, since the 1970s, it has been a secret amongst scientists and beauty experts in Japan.

The luxe brand, SKII, which is sold globally through high-end retailers, has centered its skincare development around pitera and its ability to soften, brighten and clarify the skin. A part of the Procter & Gamble family, SKII offers customers a line of effective and easy-to-use products and treatments that all target aging and stressed skin. Each product is researched, vetted and has proof behind its claims. Everything from skin-tightening masks, brightening essences and eye hydration pads have been created.

To me, there are a few products that stand out in the SKII collection. I’ve used them religiously and have achieved noticeable and excellent results. Here are my suggestions – especially for the busy, jet-setting guy who cares about the appearance of his skin.

The Facial Treatment Essence is one of my favorite offerings from SKII. It’s very easy to use and, in my opinion, replaces the need for a toner. The clear liquid smooths on your skin with fingertips or a cotton pad. The essence penetrates pores and helps to clarify and brighten dull, lifeless skin through the use of pitera. I use it both in the morning and evening after cleansing. Within two weeks of daily use, you will see a difference in your complexion.

The Cellumination Essence EX is a serum that also contains the famous pitera ingredient as well as brightening agents that help to moisturize and even-out skin tone and color. The serum is applied through smoothing a light layer on the skin, after the Facial Treatment Essence, which helps to instantly hydrate and protect your epidermis from the elements.

The SKII Signs Eye Masks are individually packaged cotton pads soaked in pitera, vitamins and moisturizers. They contain vitamins B3, B5 and E to visibly reduce fine lines, tighten delicate under eye skin and lighten dark circles. They work extraordinarily well and help on those days when you haven’t gotten enough rest or had a long night out on the town.

SKII is a celebrity favorite. This fact is a bonus, but not necessarily indicative of a brand’s claims or its products’ efficacy. To know the true power and goodness of SKII, you have to see it to believe it. I would recommend SKII for anyone seeking the absolute best in beauty and grooming. But, a fair warning, once you try it you won’t ever be able to do without. It really is that good.