Best In Beauty/Grooming | The Clarisonic Aria

Throw away your washcloths. There’s no need for these outdated, cumbersome and inefficient relics from the past any longer. Honestly. There’s something newer and better that will take its place in an instant. And, I promise you’ll never look back. The Clarisonic Aria Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush is your new best friend.

Now, Clarisonic (the brand) has been around for quite some time. And, they’ve become a cult favorite for many who have discovered their products’ benefits. Women and men both have used their innovative cleansing brushes with excellent results, a clean that is unlike any other clean you might have experienced. But, typically, the advertising for these amazing devices is targeted toward women. But, I’m here to tell you that gender need not apply. Everyone deserves to know the power behind this little magician of a machine.

Like many others, I was a devotee of a wash cloth and, sometimes, a great exfoliant that may run anywhere between $20-$50 depending on the brand. And, although I’m still a fan of a separate exfoliant for occasional facial cleansing, I’ve realized that the $200 investment in a Clarisonic Aria is well worth it over time. From the moment I started using the facial cleansing brush, I noticed my pores were literally swept clean. No residue. No film. No dirt left behind. Genius.

I opted to try the Clarisonic Aria because, as a frequent traveler, I was drawn to its easily-packed size, USB power connection (it can charge with a simple plug-in to your laptop), charger/drying station combo and its three speed cleaning mode. This little brush packs a huge punch in terms of features and holds a lot of power and long battery life.  I can stow the device in a side pocket of a carry-on with no fuss.

Overall, what Clarisonic has done with the Aria is bring together its finest attributes and conveniences in one system. It’s easy to use and actually makes the experience of cleaning my skin enjoyable. I know exactly what I will be passing out for birthdays this year.