Biologique Recherche | A Naturally Fortifying French Skincare Experience

For over 30 years, Biologique Recherche has been a beacon of natural skincare in France and, subsequently, dozens of countries worldwide. While in Paris, I was treated to a 90-minute facial at the company’s beautiful, restored mansion just off the Champs-Élysées. I’ve had many a facial in my lifetime but this was truly very special.

I was met by my aesthetician when I entered the all white space and asked for my preference in tea (green – all the way). Promptly, I was taken upstairs to a no-frills treatment room and asked to undress and lay under the sheet on the heated treatment bed with only my face, neck and chest exposed. You know it’s going to be good when they’re incorporating your chest into the facial.

When my aesthetician reentered, she began to explain to me the history of the company and their philosophy on using natural, scientifically proven ingredients with no perfumes, dyes or preservatives. I instantly gravitated to her words as I am a devout “natural” skincare follower. Immediately, I closed my eyes and she got to work.

For 90 minutes, and with a group of eight separate products, my skin was cleansed, detoxified, masked, polished, exfoliated, sculpted and drained. I could literally feel her fingers gently pushing on my eye sockets, under my cheekbones, around my clavicle and along my jawline to drain built-up fluid from traveling and to help tighten the skin. The facial was relaxing, but, more importantly, it delivered results. When I was finished, I looked in the mirror and it appeared as if someone had come along and given me a mini lift and sandblast. My complexion was firm and glowing – I couldn’t have been happier. I attribute this to the products and, also, to her knowledge of facial structures and how to alleviate puffiness.

I recommend Biologique Recherche HIGHLY. Their products are bewilderingly effective and the treatments necessary. If you’re not in Paris, visit their website to see other global locations where Biologique Recherche trained aestheticians operate. There’s just no way you’ll be disappointed.