How This Skincare Brand Will Completely Change The Texture And Quality Of Your Skin

Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche, the all-natural cult skincare favorite from Paris, has earned a reputation for their dedication to formulating some of the most effective anti-aging skincare in the market. Led, currently, by Dr. Philippe Allouche, the brand has its roots in medicine and science, translating tried and tested methods and ingredients into genuinely fantastic products.

I personally swear by their formulations. Why? Because they work better than any other product I’ve ever found on the market. I’ve tried nearly every organic, all-natural and dermatologist-developed brand – but nothing holds a candle to Biologique Recherche.

They have an enormous selection of products that are geared towards specific skin concerns, so finding the proper assortment for your skin type can take a bit of time. The brand offers consultations, through their own flagship institute in Paris, as well as a plethora of licensed partners across the globe. But, once you lock-down your regimen – you’ll soon notice how your skin begins to change before your eyes.

Aside from your own personal regimen, there are some products that all skin-types can incorporate into their daily beauty or grooming ritual. These are my favorites and ones that will become staples in your routine.

Biomagic Mask

An all-around perfect mask for purification and energizing, this formulation is packed with minerals and terrestrial ingredients that tighten pores, firm skin and clean deeply for the most perfect complexion.

P50 W (not pictured)

A hybrid exfoliation acid and toner, this miracle product aids in exfoliation – combating inflammation and brightening your skin. Use it day and night to keep your face, neck and chest looking clean and bright.

Sérum Biosensible

A restructuring serum that strengthens and firms, reducing skin sensitivity and balancing color. This serum is perfect for those for those who travel often as it helps keep your skin in fighting form, and looking good for undoubtedly important events in your life.

Masque Biosensible

This mask is the perfect answer when you need an extra punch of hydration and elasticity in your skin. It heals, soothes, calms and hydrates – deeply. Be sure to cover your neck and chest, which will benefit from the added elasticity imparted from the mask.