Bjorn Borg’s Persual Of Plastic Perfection | The Sexiest Undergarments Of Spring/Summer 2015

Inside a cave-like space on the small island of Skeppsholmen, in the center of Stockholm, people gathered to watch the Björn Borg spring/summer 2015 runway show featuring their latest active and underwear collection. The show, produced by famed Swedish stylist B. Akerlund (watch my interview with her here), was an extravaganza of smoke, lights, music and models donning a perfect physique and plastic masks reflecting a freakishly perfect man and woman. As they made their way down the runway in robotic procession, the faces of model’s we typically see were covered by smiling, plastic masks belonging to the “ideal” Caucasian man and woman, imagined by our global society’s construct. It was a heavy moment to pair with sexy undergarments – but it worked. I won’t lie, I was a little frightened and what might be lurking behind the masks – but maybe that was the point.