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There are an incredible amount of options when booking a private car service while traveling, but only Blacklane delivers consistent and reputable service in every one of the 300 cities they serve. I have been using Blacklane for quite some time, having only dabbled in locally-based services, Uber and others throughout my years of travel. I found myself loyal to no one as there was nothing exceptional that made sense to give my loyalty to, and, furthermore, the level of quality would differ greatly across the board depending on who I chose.

I heard of Blacklane through a colleague who touted the brand’s app and ease of booking as the reason why they’ve remained loyal to them. A global chauffeur service, Blacklane is in over 300 cities across the globe and you can book, change or cancel a ride up to 60 minutes before you need the car through their very simple in-app booking system. I booked my first ride with Blacklane traveling from Manhattan’s West Village to Newark Airport for an overnight flight to Paris.

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I booked my ride through Blacklane, choosing their business class car option. Typically, when you book this option, the vehicle is a black Mercedes sedan or similar, a pristinely clean sedan with a professional driver ready for your pickup with water, chargers and all the space you need to stretch out and enjoy the ride. Blacklane’s booking system allows you to book ahead for your departure and arrival – and they will give you an hour of free wait time at the airport once you’ve landed. After booking my trip to Newark, I booked my ride from Paris’ Orly Airport to The Peninsula Hotel, where I would be staying for the next several days. I received easy text alerts on my departure, informing me when my driver had arrived and was ready for me.

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Upon arriving in Paris, I turned on my phone after landing and found a text informing me my driver had arrived at the airport and was waiting in the arrivals area with a sign. He helped me with my bags and I found another black Mercedes ready for my entry. The driver quickly transported me from the airport to my hotel and left me safe and sound for check-in.

Blacklane is reliable, consistent, communicative and so much better than ride sharing apps, or random car services. There are also in-app promotions and discounts for referrals. Being that they are in so many cities, even those you might not expect, using them frequently is easy. Their prices are pretty-much on par with any other car service and reflect local pricing trends for whichever city you’re booking in. The truth is, after riding in countless vehicles throughout my travels across the globe, I have not stumbled across anything better than Blacklane.

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