Where To Eat In Monaco | Blue Bay At The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel

Chef Marcel Ravin, who helms the kitchen at the one Michelin-starred Blue Bay restaurant inside the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel, invites diners to experience the fusion of Mediterranean and Caribbean flavors of the highest quality. The restaurant is located inside the hotel, down a long hallway, near the hotel’s casino. The space is grand and reflects blue and white, as a reminder that you are near the sea and that your meal will be heavily influenced by treasures from the deep.

Sitting down at my table, I was welcomed by the restaurant’s manager as he brought a bubbly glass of champagne for me to enjoy. I looked-out over the room and noticed the open kitchen and glass wine cellars, orchids dotting the tabletops here and there. Chef Ravin designed a fantastic tasting menu which I agreed to from the start, excited to experience his much-talked-about cuisine.

The menu I experienced was ladened heavily with Caribbean flavors, which I loved. The tropics go well with fruits from the Mediterranean. A few dishes I experienced throughout the evening were a green papaya spaghetti with truffled carbonara and Iberique ham, Dublin Bay prawns, deep fried artichokes, sea bass and more. Dessert was flavorful and packed a punch with passion fruit, citrus and meringue.

One of my favorite events during the meal was the wine pairing. Each pour came from a very specific and boutique vineyard that specializes in limited varieties. Every chosen red and white were delicious – and made each course better. The cost of the chef’s curated menus is very reasonable for the quality and flavor offered. Dinner at Blue Bay is not only one of Monaco’s best meals, but best deals. Don’t miss the opportunity.