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The Best In Italian Skincare | Bottega Organica’s Lemon Balm And Rosemary Face Serum

Bottega Organica, the uber-organic Italian skincare company from the hills of Liguria, offers incredible skincare rooted in science and nature. From their own 50-acre farm in the small town of Pieve di Tecco, Bottega Organica churns out luxuriously healthy products that address various skin concerns. One of my favorites is the multi-active lemon balm and rosemary face serum. This replenishing serum, enriched with the natural vitamins and rejuvenating substances from lemon balm, rosemary, olive leaves and French lilac stems and flowers, actively supports and rejuvenates the the skin’s cells. It’s a must for anyone with concerns of skin aging as well as for those who care about the integrity of the ingredients in their skincare.