Fall Beauty And Grooming News | Bottega Organica Vanilla Body Oil

As the weather cools down, our senses seem to be yearning for something warm and sweet, especially in our daily beauty and grooming routine. After a hot shower, there’s nothing better than to moisturize your skin with an incredible body oil. The Italian skincare brand, Bottega Organica, which houses their only American location on Christopher Street in New York City, is a proponent of natural ingredients. They grow, harvest and produce the oils and extracts found in their incredible formulas on a farm in Italy. One of my favorite products for the season is their Nourishing Body Oil scented with vanilla.

A combination of olive oil, apricot and carrot extracts, along with French lilac and vanilla bean, the oil creates an amazingly heathy concoction to slather all over your skin. Rich in Omega acids and antioxidants, this oil is a simple but necessary addition to any grooming routine. Plus, it smells so good, you’ll have to stop yourself from eating it.