Every Man’s “Manscaping” Necessity | Plus Braun’s Latest Beard Trend Findings In New York City

Braun, one of the leading manufacturers of shaving and grooming devices, has been a leader in the industry for decades. Over the years, they’ve invented and innovated products which have helped men (and women) trim, shape and maintain their body hair. As today’s men begin to thoroughly take notice of their own appearance and realize the necessity of maintaining their body hair, whether for a partner or themselves, they often wonder where to look, of course Braun has the answer.

Aside from offering one of my favorite devices for a full-body trimming experience, the cruZer Beard and Head, they also recently surveyed 1,000 men living in New York regarding their preference and habits surrounding facial hair – and their findings were very interesting.

Firstly, The cruZer Beard and Head is a powerful tool for styling your beard and hair on your head in a way that suits your liking. With a special click and lock functionality, the adjustable comb stays firmly in place and lets you trim your hair to the exact length you set. You can easily get a short stubble look or maintain a full beard, as the trimmer’s beard comb allows you to choose from six different length settings (1mm to 11mm). In addition, the hair comb also offers six longer settings (10mm to 20mm) for you to create customized hairstyles – but I use mine strictly for face and body hair. It’s easy to switch back and forth to trim your leg, arm, pubic and facial hair in a snap.

As someone who travels frequently, this device offers an incredibly long battery life as well. Recently, on a ten day trip, I found that after one charge, it didn’t have to be charged again until after my return. This is a true miracle. I know many other men in the New York area feel the same about their Braun devices – especially those who pay attention to their body hair. In the recent survey done by Braun, they found the following about my counterparts, New York City men and their grooming habits. I think it’s quite interesting.

– Of those surveyed the most popular careers for employed New York bearded men are: IT technician / internet or digital worker (7%), followed by engineers (4.2%). Construction workers and accountants are both equal third (4%), closing the gap on white collar vs. blue collar style

– Across all boroughs, 76.7% of those who failed to grow a beard attributed it to the fact they were unable to properly grow one

– Although 71.7% of those surveyed said their partner had never suggested they grow a beard, it turned out many (41.6% ) were told their partners in fact love their beards

– In Manhattan, you’re more likely to find a beard on the Upper East Side. Of those surveyed, 64% of beard-wearing folk live uptown, with more than 60% living on the east side

– Bronx men were also most likely to keep their beards for life when compared to other boroughs (36%), the survey also found Bronx bearded men regard their looks higher than in other boroughs, giving themselves an 8 out of 10 rating or higher. It’s possible their self-confidence came from their partners – of those surveyed, Bronx partners came in higher as beard lovers than in the other boroughs – 45% love their partner’s beards

– Brooklyn men were most likely to lose the beard when it was no longer a fashion trend when compared to other boroughs (20%), Brooklyn men were also most likely to get the ultimatum from partners (13%), or their bosses (12%)

– Queens men are the lowest maintenance New York bearded men – 53% trim their beards just once a week

– Staten Island is the least successful beard growing borough – 1 in 3 of those surveyed have tried to grow a beard but failed

– 53% said they feel they are now more attractive to the opposite sex than they were pre-beard

– 10% claim that beards have made them more successful at work

– 41% feel more confident with a beard

– 48% feel more mature with a beard