The Best Business Class Of 2019 |British Airways

British Airways Business Class - 5

British Airways offers a stellar business class, known as Club World, and it’s our favorite in-flight experience for 2019. The airline has invested significantly in the product, which puts many other competitors far behind in terms of service, cuisine, on-board amenities and airport offerings. I flew club world recently on British Airways and was truly blown away by the experience as a whole, and wouldn’t recommend another between the United States and London’s Heathrow Airport.

British Airways Business Class - 6

I flew British Airways’ Club World from JFK Airport to London. Boarding for my 8:30 pm flight was easy, efficient and comfortable. Settling-in to my super private seat, I was offered a glass of champagne and someone instantly took my coat from me in an effort to help me maximize my space. The seat was sleek in design, moves into a completely lie-flat position and has a divider built around it to keep you in a cocoon of privacy that makes you feel like you’re in your entirely own world.

We took-off on time and meal service began instantly. I had spent about an hour at the ultra-luxurious lounge at JFK, so I had already had a couple of glasses of Pinot Noir and appetizers – but was still looking forward to the meal.

British Airways Business Class - 1

British Airways has partnered with The White Company, a London-based bedding brand that have provided sumptuous pillow cases, comforters and amenity kits to help make your in-flight experience that much more cozy – it worked! I felt like I was in a hotel, with the elegant design and comfort that surrounded me. Even noticing the lighting on-board – softly-lit spaces, lamp shades and more to make the cabin feel homey.

British Airways Business Class - 4

Before mealtime, I touched my large entertainment screen to skim through options for movies, and there were plenty. British, Americana and international films were on offer, as well as a wide television selection. I chose a new release, and perused the stunning menu to choose what I’d be having for dinner.

My dedicated flight attendant was lovely. he was attentive, kind and gave great recommendations on what to order. I began with a glass of Bordeaux and followed with an appetizer of fresh pea panna cotta with herbed creme fraiche. For my main course, I chose a sustainably sourced cod filet with green and opted for warm raspberry and lemon sponge cake for dessert. The thing about the Club World dining is that it’s an elegant affair. Aside from the food actually being delicious, every detail down to the metal napkin rings is perfection.

LONDON, UK: New Club World products onboard a special flight on a 787-9, which also marked the opening of First Wing, London Gatwick and Boston Lounges with media and social media influencers between London Gatwick and Heathrow on 05 April 2017 (Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)

After dinner, I chose a nightcap of Porto wine and settled into my seat. The flight from New York to London is far too short when you’re having such a great time on-board, but I needed to rest. I positioned my seat into flat-bed with the touch of a button and drifted off. I told the flight attendant that coffee and fruit would be suitable for breakfast, that way I could sleep longer.

I woke just 25 minutes before landing and was given a piping hot cup of coffee, fruit and yogurt – which was perfect for me. I was offered the option of even dining at the lounge at JFK if I really wanted to maximize my sleep on-board, but opted to dine in the sky. I’m glad I did. We landed at Heathrow early, and I deplaned quickly to rush through immigration.

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British Airways’ Club World product is stellar, and something everyone considering business class from the United States to London should experience. Not only will your ride be in complete comfort and elegance, but you’ll feel right at home. For all these reasons, we choose it as our best for 2019.