Capri’s Best Afternoon Cool-Down | A Fresh Lemon Slushy

Capri is known for their citrus fruit – lemons and oranges are plentiful and hang from trees across the island. Locals make use of these gifts from nature, incorporating them into almost every dish made on the island. In the middle of a hot summer day, it’s essential to stop for a minute and cool down – taking-in the views that surround you. On various corners, from Capri town to Anacapri, you can find little stands which juice fresh lemons and oranges, mixing the juice with slushed ice and sugar to concoct the most delectable citrus slushies. A plastic cup is filled with the slush while locals and visitors alike slurp their way around the streets through colorful straws. You cannot miss these special treats as they are an imperative part of your Capri island experience.