Bangkok’s Top Dining Experience


Celadon, inside the luxurious Sukhothai Hotel, is my pick for Bangkok’s top dining experience.


Tucked inside the elaborate gardens of this beautiful hotel, the restaurant is a testament to the incredibly rich dining traditions that hail from different parts of Thailand.


A chef, who pulls inspiration from across the country, heads the dining institution, and has done an incredible job of curating a varied and impressive menu that touches on Thailand’s delicious culinary temptations. Each dish is executed to perfection and is presented beautifully.


I sat inside in an ornate space that offered expansive views of the gardens and ponds that surround the building. Giant lily pads floated through the water outside, while candlelight


I indulged on dishes like: kai jiew nueapoo, gaeng phaa pla in see and mango rice . My favorite, by far, was the Goong Phao (choice river prawns). Thailand’s Northern Lana cuisine, which originates from the area of Chiang Mai, was my favorite.


Service, in true Thai style, was perfection and I enjoyed every minute of my time here.


For anyone seeking a memorable and beautiful dining experience in Thailand’s capital – look no further than Celadon.


This I promise you will experience here.