Charlevoix, Québec’s Must-Do Experience


Héli-Air Charlevoix is a local helicopter tour operation that has become a favorite choice for those visiting the region. A true experience, this company affords you the opportunity to take-in Charlevoix’s incredibly diverse landscape from high above the clouds.

I was a guest of the company and was offered a flight from their home base to the top of a granite mountain – with unforgettable views of the surrounding hills and forests. Being that I visited Charlevoix in October, the leaves were turning and the colors seen in the foliage literally looked like someone had taken a giant paintbrush and swept it across the land.


I love helicopters, so there was no worry there. I boarded the sleek black chopper with the pilot and his assistant – lifting-off towards the mountain. Charlevoix lies in and around a giant valley created by a meteorite many years ago, so the rippling mountains and rock formations are gorgeous, some even breathtaking.

10 minutes after takeoff and what seemed like an endless sea of colors, I landed on the mountain with nothing but cool air, peace, quiet and an opportunity to reflect on nature’s beauty. I spent over an hour on that mountain, and have to say, that it was my favorite experience in Charlevoix.


Héli-Air Charlevoix offers private tours and customizable rides that can include mountaintop picnics, proposals, special events and more.