Postcard From Rio | Christ The Redeemer

Though not a religious person, I am a someone who identifies as “spiritual” and am open to any and every experience that can connect me to that power which is greater than myself. A tourist attraction known the world over for its magnitude and beauty, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, is a place where one might have that spiritual experience. I’m not Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist – but I do see the majesty and “God”, if you will, in nature. Christ the Redeemer is surrounded by not only the most beautiful nature in its lushness and green, but looks out to the mountains and sea –  a landscape only Rio can provide. I climbed up to the feet of Jesus himself and looked out at the scenery, mesmerized by it all. In this moment of silence, I felt totally at peace and felt grateful to be able to witness all that surrounded me.