The Must Have At-Home Pedicure Tool For Any Guy On The Go| The Clarisonic PEDI

Clarisonic. What don’t they think of? The well-respected company known for churning-out innovative beauty and grooming tools, outfitted with the latest technology, has moved their attention away from the face to focus on an often-neglected area of the body, the feet.

Now, we can all go and sit for a lovely pedicure from time to time, spending the 90-minute duration waiting in line and hoping that the basin in which our feet soak has been washed thoroughly enough to kill the bacteria which has made a home of it. But what about the time between these spa and salon visits? Turn to the Clarisonic PEDI.

The PEDI, as its called, comes well-equipped. A larger body has been introduced for the tool, along with a fast running motor which powers the smoothing disc. The disc buffs away dead skin, callases and edges around your nail beds. After using the buffing disk, snap on the other brush head which is a wet/dry buffing device. This switch will allow you to benefit from short rigid filaments and longer, flexible filaments that effectively exfoliate and buff scaly feet. Between uses, Clarisonic has included three products: Pedi Balm, Pedi Buff and Pedi Boost – all with specific focuses – exfoliation, cleaning and moisturizing – added benefits.

Overall the experience with the Clarisonic PEDI is very worthwhile. In less that 15 minutes, your feet can be sandal-ready – especially for the beach vacation you’ve been planning. Why not travel with it to keep your feet in fighting form, always? This is one grooming tool any man should purchase – it’s absolutely worth the $200 investment.