The Best Irish Cream Of 2019 | Coole Swan

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An Irish cream conceptualized by a family that hails from a long line of Irish dairy farmers, Coole Swan is, by far, the top Irish cream of 2019. Infused with love, passion and the plight to select only the best ingredients for their customers, Coole Swan is immediately different. This award-winning Irish cream blends single malt whiskey with Belgian white chocolate and rich cream sourced from the best farms in Ireland.

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We held a beautiful event recently at Lismore Castle in Lismore, Ireland. The magical setting of County Waterford in a castle built in the 10th Century put everyone in the mood to indulge in the best Ireland has to offer. Coole Swan was the obvious choice for the be served as the signature Irish cream during the three-day affair. Each guest was given a bottle in their room and more were on hand for after dinner drinks or an afternoon delight. Their are many ways to drink Coole Swan but chilled over ice is best.

Available throughout Ireland and internationally, once experienced, you won’t want anything else – just a friendly word of warning.