Latin America’s Top Airline To South America and Beyond | Copa Airlines

CopaAirlines Business Class

Copa Airlines is growing. Based in Panama City, Panama, this modern carrier is expanding its route network and revamping its business class product to position itself as one of the leading carriers in Latin America. I flew the airline recently on a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – and truly fell-in-love with its service, ambiance and business class experience.

On a recent flight from New York to Brazil, I boarded my aircraft at JFK for the roughly 5-hour flight to Panama City. I was on my way to Rio and, despite the fact that I have been there countless times, was excited to try-out Copa Airlines and their route to this exciting South American destination. My flight was scheduled to depart New York in the late afternoon and it was on-time – which always makes me happy. Copa Airlines is a member of Star Alliance, so they also operate from Newark, New Jersey – home to United Airlines.

Once on-board, I settled into my business class seat, ready for takeoff. The flight was full, but flight attendants were courteous and kind, and my environment comfortable. The seats were new, large, wide and offered plenty of legroom. The large flat screen television showed my route and, very soon, we were off to Panama City.

Copa Airlines route network is expansive, and it is well planned. Flights connecting in Panama City, that originate from places like Los Angeles, Miami, New York or New Orleans – all make it in time for connections further afield to cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and others. You can also connect to closer destinations like San Jose, Costa Rica, Cartagena, Colombia and Lima, Peru. Panama City offers a new, clean and easy airport for transfers, which makes flying Copa Airlines that much more attractive.

My flight to Panama City was easy breezy, a new release on the television and an early dinner and I was only one hour from arrival. I had an hour between flights and could enjoy the Copa Airlines lounge at Tocumen International Airport, or just go right to my gate. I stopped by the lounge for a glass of wine, and then headed right to the gate. My connection was operated on a revamped Boeing 737 aircraft. It felt new, clean and ready to take me to Brazil. The flight from Panama City to Rio was overnight, a 7-hour journey that allowed me enough time to recline my seat into a deep resting position and go to sleep. I woke-up 30-minutes before landing to a light breakfast and a safe arrival in Brazil.

What I love about Copa Airlines is the effortless of it. Easy to fly and with superb connections, I would choose their flights over and over again for my travels throughout Latin America.