What To Experience In Estonia | A Cruise On The Baltic Sea

Whether departing from Tallinn or from Southern Estonia to explore the Estonian coastline and its famous islands, a Baltic Sea cruise is an absolute “must” while visiting the country. The deep blue and cold waters of the Baltic warm-up a bit during the summer and offer the perfect day trip in the sun.

Our suggestion is to make your way to the southern part of the country to a town called Pärnu, only a 90-minute drive from Tallinn, where you can hop aboard one of the many ferries or charter a private captain to take you island hopping. Each island in Estonia has its own customs and traditions which have been studied, preserved and, for some, even Protected by UNESCO. Cruising on the sea allows you to take-in the magical scenery and shoreline’s forested beaches. These little islands are incredibly magical and add to your entire understanding and experience as a visitor.