Rio De Janeiro’s Best New Restaurant | CT Boucherie

An incredible accomplishment by culinary genius Chef Claude Troisgros, CT Boucherie, in Rio de Janeiro’s Leblon neighborhood, is a delicious meat moment on the city’s culinary scene. The small space in Leblon is light and bright, casual in its decor and ambiance. Seated at one of the quaint tables, you will notice the servers bustling about, dressed smartly in what appears to be a modernized butcher uniform. This is a very cute touch.

Chef Troisgros was inspired by the cattle market of Saint- Christophe-en-Brionnais, in Southern Bourgogne, France – where, as a child, he used to go with his father, an eminent butcher. This childhood experience led him to imagine a mecca for meat – the best varieties sourced from only the top Brazilian producers of red and black Angus, Wagyu and Hereford. The different cuts are served by the system of “rodizio“, with sides like mashed Baroa potato, ratatouille, quinoa risotto, polenta with watercress, chayote gratin with gruyere and more. If you’re not into meat, that’s okay. There are many options on the menu that cater to chicken, duck and fish lovers.

Each dish at CT Boucherie is impeccable, really. There is also a level of innovation that exists in the kitchen. This can be seen with one dish, my personal favorite, the watermelon carpaccio. A large plate layered beautifully with the thinnest and reddest watermelon sheets, resembling prosciutto. It is unbelievable in presentation and in taste.

CT Boucherie is building its reputation on service and that shows with the servers and kitchen doing everything in their power to tend to every guest’s needs in a timely and elegant fashion. Your experience here will be remarkable, this I promise. Click here to see the full menu and, hopefully, it will be enough to book a table. Not doing so would be a mistake.