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Culinary Genius In Portugal’s Douro Valley


CAISDAVILLA is a restaurant concept in Portugal’s Douro Valley region that makes a lasting impression on anyone who chooses to dine here.


Located in the old railway station in the town of Vila Real, the restaurant exudes a combination of history and modernity fused together into one wonderful experience.


The space is divided into a dining room and wine bar. The wine bar is perfect to sample one of the 300 labels the restaurant keeps on the menu, and the dining room is where serious food can be enjoyed.


The chef, Daniel Gomes, uses only local ingredients and prides himself on the variety of ingredients that can be found in the region. This is clear.


The food here is absolutely Michelin quality but at a price point that will not break the bank.


Every effort is made by the staff and managers to ensure a positive experience for each guest dining here. I truly wish this restaurant had an outpost in New York City, because I would be a guest every night. Until then, I will just have to deal with the 6-hour flight to Portugal. But, the food and experience at CAISDAVILLA is very much worth it.