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Ireland’s Best Custom Cake Atelier | Cupcakes and Counting

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Husband and wife baker duo, Jen Rojas and Jay Vista, founded Ireland’s preeminent custom cake atelier, Cupcakes and Counting, in Dublin, Ireland – and their penchant for design and flavor will take your breath away. When planning an intimate and special affair at Lismore Castle in Lismore, Ireland, we turned to the couple and Cupcakes and Counting, to envision a custom celebration cake that would wow our guests in every way.

Jen, a nurse by day and cake artist by night, was our direct liaison and helped us conceptualize something unique and special – something that spoke to the elegance and beauty of Inspired Citizen as well as the location of Lismore Castle in Ireland. She and Jay have designed countless cakes for celebrations and weddings within Ireland, as well as outside of the country – but their atelier is based in Dublin. We worked together via email correspondance to make our dream a reality, and bring the cake to life.

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Cupcakes and Counting was born out of tragedy when the village Jay was born in, in the Philippines, was hit by a tsunami. The couple began baking and selling cupcakes to raise money for relief efforts, and the rest is history.

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We worked with Jen to finalize the design. She is incredible at taking an idea and expanding it in such a way that brings your thoughts to life. We wanted the cake to be matte black, something dark, sexy and unusual. We wanted handmade green and gold clovers to look as if they had fallen and settled on the three tiers. We wanted a custom crown, referencing Lismore’s royal past and present, to grace the top. We wanted metallic gold dripping down the side of the cake from a “melting” crown. The answers to all of these desires from the Cupcakes and Counting team? Absolutely! Nothing was off limits and creativity and collaboration was welcomed.

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But, what were we going to do about the flavor?

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Cupcakes and Counting offers an incredible array of unique varieties – so it’s hard to choose. But, one did stand out to us because of its utter decadence and ties to Ireland. The “Genuinely Guinness” offering is a dark chocolate cake infused with Guinness draught, an Irish icon, and layered with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting. Can you think of anything better? We couldn’t and it not only satisfied our guests, but made such an impression that there were countless follow-up questions about the cake’s origins, flavor and creation.

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Cupcakes and Counting offers a delivery service at an extra cost, and Jen’s husband, Jay, was kind enough to drive the cake three hours Southwest of Dublin to Lismore Castle to personally deliver the cake.

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The atelier has concocted a fantastical collection of cakes in their history – some with flavors like: Royal Red Velvet, Lucious Lemon and Salted Carmelita. All of this paired with award-winning designs and you’ve got yourself the perfect cake operation.

We cannot recommend Cupcakes and Counting high enough, and know that for anyone looking for something custom in Ireland or elsewhere, you won’t find better.