Day Trip From Fes, Morocco | Visiting The Monkeys Of Ifrane

Ifrane, a small town located roughly an hour from Fes, has garnered a good deal of attention as a high-end ski resort during the winter months. An easy drive from the center of town, you can find beautiful cedar forests littered with curious and friendly monkeys looking for a hand-out. They run around the road, swing from trees and jump on top of cars, all in an effort to grab your attention and something to eat. I suggest stopping by a local store and purchasing a large bag of nuts. You can, cautiously, hand the monkeys the nuts one by one – interacting with them in a fun way.

Please remember that although these monkeys are cute, they are still wild animals. You should make every attempt to proceed with caution as well as interact with them responsibly. This means washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water and frequently sanitizing yourself, as not to pass any germs or diseases into their community. If done properly, you can experience a lovely moment with the beauty that is Morocco’s wildlife.