Dining In Cartagena | Restaurante Brujas De Cartagena

A hop, skip and jump from the famous Cade del Mar on the ancient wall surrounding Cartagena, sits an authentic and gourmet Peruvian restaurant serving traditional dishes in the most elegant way. The establishment, Brujas de Cartagena (the Witches of Cartagena), specializes in home cooked Peruvian cuisine, elevated to the highest level and paired with the most perfect service.

Any lover of Peruvian food knows that cooking the most traditional and famous dishes is quite a lengthy process. This is why I was surprised to see options on the book-like menu like arroz con pollo, aji de gallina and cau cau. Each dish is labored over and created with thought and detail, all executed to perfection. Cocktails like pisco sours are served, but with a twist. You’ll find them with coconut, strawberry, passion fruit and more – just for something new and unique.

Live music accompanies the delicious meal and the space is arranged well, the music provides a nice soundtrack, but doesn’t overwhelm. A back garden offers patrons the opportunity to dine in the heat of the night, with nothing around you but a beautifully overgrown garden. Brujas de Cartagena is a “must” for any follower of Peruvian culinary tradition – not eating here would be a true miss for your inner-foodie.