What To Experience In Tallinn | Dining With The Locals

Tallinn has a unique and delicious food scene, and part of it is the opportunity to dine with the locals at one of the many “home restaurants” that pop-up seasonally around town. Estonians are welcoming and friendly people, when you get to know them. And, a large amount of Estonians who reside in Tallinn have opened the doors to their personal homes to invite locals and visitors in, to experience family recipes. These special “home restaurants” are listed publicly and take reservations like any other restaurant.

One of my favorites is owned by an interesting woman named Beatrice Fenice. Beatrice is an ex-Playboy model and owner of MASS Modeling Agency. She has opened her beautiful and bohemian home, located in old town, to offer visitors a taste of her cooking. She calls the restaurant Nano, which serves delicious Estonian food tailored to your liking. She posts daily menus to her Facebook page and website. As a recent guest, I dined on Beatrice’s fantastic culinary delights. She offered items like herring, white fish, borscht and braised beef – ending the evening with one of the most delicious mixed-berry pavlovas I’ve ever tasted. Don’t miss this experience in Tallinn.